Saturday, February 19, 2011

In The Beginning...

Hello. My name is Dustin. And this is my soon-to-remain-unfamous blog. In this blog, I will just jot down whatever random thoughts might pop into my brain. For example:

I have some severe eyebrow dandruff. Sometimes when I am bored I'll just sit and scratch at my eyebrows and gaze in wonder at exactly how much I was able to dispense. I'll scratch at them, and the dandruff just will not stop falling. Therefor, I am convinced that I am a human snow factory. I actually used my eyebrow dandruff to gross out two girls in one of my high school English classes. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

 I am 27, and am currently in college. I don't mean that I've been in college for a while because I'm working on becoming a really good doctor. I just started earlier this year. I decided to give college a try one day when I was working as a janitor at a shitty hotel (I'll write about my experiences there later). As I was cleaning up a toilet stall that was covered in feces, I started reexamining my current life. I hoped I wasn't put on this planet to clean up toilets after drunken wedding parties. Also, my girlfriend told me that if I didn't at least try college, she would have her father kill me. So, after eight years of learning next to nothing, and forgetting just about everything I learned when not sleeping in high school, I decided to try my hand at college. At first, I was going to study to be a civil engineer, but after being utterly confused during my Basic Algebra class, I figured I'd check out some other options. So I landed on Journalism. Math is hard, and English is a little easier.

I play the bass guitar in, arguably, the best band in the crappy little town I live in. We've played live twice, and had a total of well over 10 people watch us. I'm surprised Virgin records hasn't kicked out door down to sign us. One of these days, we will be playing in dive bars all across the state! Only if dreams come true...

I might as well get the mushy-gushy shit out of the way: My girlfriend is pretty well awesome. We've been together for around a year and a half at this point, and she hasn't killed me yet, which is very commendable. We are a couple of nerd/dorks, her for anime, me for video games. I'll write more about her later probably. I'm pretty much out of shit to write for now.

So, yeah. This is the beginning of a blog that will help me more effectively avoid my homework. I hope that the three of you that will read any of this shit find some way to not hate it entirely.

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